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Emotion is evoked, my eyes welled up in tears at the pure supportive nature that exists between human beings in this film and within the theater. With no budget, they made a diamond under pressure. These are the kind of projects that need support.

“if you go outside of the perimeter you’d be hard pressed to find another queer performance space, which is sad, but expected. Part of our motivation with this film was to bring this to people who aren’t so lucky to have it.”

"What is really important to both of us is to represent and celebrate folks on the margins and folks that don’t have a lot of representation, screen or otherwise."

200 hours of performance, interviewing 100 artists and amassing 50 hours of interview footage, 

They volley subjects including queer identity, living in the South, and of course the intangible and titular "moxie" that it takes to put the two together.

“It’s a political act for a member of a marginalized group to occupy space on stage,”

“It was performance artists that started Stonewall,” she says. “It takes a lot of moxie to get on stage as a marginalized group, especially queer people

It was important to me that people that are not represented are represented, equally representing folks of color, folks of different gender expression, different ages, really just all the ways you can be. The emotional pride comes back out.

Let's celebrate each other and those using art to make a difference during this volatile time in our country. 

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