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Heather began her advocacy of people on the margins in her home state Vermont, providing resources and job skills to the underserved, and a magnified voice to the underrepresented. She explored her love of art through hosting open mics, stage managing events, and experiencing everything she could. Upon moving to Atlanta, Heather combined that love of art and advocacy by producing Moxie Cabaret, representing a diverse spectrum of queer, racial, and gender identities. Witnessing the power of positive and intersectional representation, she picked up a camera to capture this shift; the film Queer Moxie is the result. Growing up, only seeing  stories of overcoming adversity and scarcity for people on the margins, Heather, as a producer, writer, and director strives to shift the lens and pass the mic to tell stories of celebration and abundance. 

Filmmaker Leo Hollen, Jr. grew up in Cleveland, Ohio but has lived in Atlanta, Georgia for the past 14 years. He has completed several short films, but
Queer Moxie is his first feature length project as co-director, with Heather Provoncha. Along with directing the film, he was also editor of the documentary. Leo and Heather have teamed up again to direct, XOXO: For the Love of Football, a documentary celebrating some of the amazing women, on and off the field, who play tackle football. His goal after completing post production on XOXO is to complete a pilot, and write and direct his first narrative project, and to get a little weird. Being a queer black man in the South, he finds it is important as a filmmaker to create art of all mediums as diverse as the world around him.





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We are Heather Provoncha and Leo Hollen, Jr.: Atlanta based filmmakers focused on celebrating and representing the communities on the margins. Our goal is to tell the amazing stories of our intersecting communities past and present through documentary, while pushing our story forward to the future through narrative and other visual media.

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